Express loan is intended to meet the short term financial needs of the clients.

Loan type Secured loan backed by automobile Secured loan backed by private housing, land ownership Secured loan backed by apartment ownership
Loan size Up to MNT 20 million Up to MNT 20 million Up to MNT 50 million
Loan period 12 months 18 months 18 months
Interest rate 2.8%-3.0%
General requirements and conditions
  • Collateral used for the loan must be owned by the loan applicant
  • Loan applicant must reside in Ulaanbaatar city
  • Loan applicant must not have any overdue payment obligations
  • Loan applicant must have the necessary proof of income
Required documents
  • Customer application form /NBFI application form/
  • Loan application form /NBFI application form/
  • Appropriate photo of loan applicant
  • Valid identification Card
  • Documents supporting the ownership of collateral
  • Other supporting documents for proof of income