Business loan is designed to support micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs of Mongolia by financing their working capital, investment, and expansion.

Loan type Micro business loan SME Loan
Citizen Entity
Loan size Up to MNT 20 million Up to MNT 50 million Up to MNT 200 million
Loan period 12 months 18 months 24 months
Interest rate 2.0%-2.3% 2.0%-2.3%
General requirements and conditions
  • An applicant applying for micro business loan must be conducting business operations for no less than 3 months prior to loan application
  • An applicant applying for SME loan must be conducting business operations for no less than 6 months prior to loan application
  • Must operate within the jurisdiction of Ulaanbaatar city
  • Business related documents
  • Loan applicant must have the financial ability to repay the loan
  • Loan applicant must not have any overdue payment obligations
  • Loan applicant must have the necessary collateral to fully cover the loan
Required documents
For citizens:
  • Customer application form /NBFI application form/
  • Loan application /NBFI application form/
  • Appropriate photo of loan applicant
  • Valid identification card
  • Documents supporting the ownership of collateral
  • Supporting documents for proof of income, account statements
  • Others, if necessary
For entities:
  • Client application form /NBFI form)/
  • Loan application /NBFI form/
  • Certificate of entity, special permissions, company charter
  • Valid identification card of the CEO,
  • Document entitling the CEO to request and make loan contract and accrediting the CEO temporary ownership of company assets on behalf of the entity
  • A copy of financial statement for the previous year, Sales contract, Performance contract, Account statements
  • List of assets to be used as collateral
  • Others, if necessary
*Project loan is only available to citizens residing in Bayangol and Khan Uul districts.